Tuesday, 29 December 2009


Gritty interiors, pop symbolism and female nudes are just a few things inspiring Anna Bloda. The Polish photographer has exhibited in galleries across Berlin and Warsaw, and her graphic, colourful portraiture draws comparisons to the work of Jan Saudek and Richard Kern. That is, if they lived in Eastern Europe circa 2010.

Do you remember the first picture you ever took? My first pictures were the ones I did while applying for college. The topic was light so I photographed my sister wearing a sheer cotton nightgown. She resembled a nymph enveloped with delicate sun rays cutting through her body. The camera I used was Smiena.

What inspires you? Life. I take pictures of everything I find inspiring day and night - a rat on railway tracks, plastic spoons, a used cup. Anything that creates an original whole. Sometimes even vomit on the pavement can be inspiring.

What makes you happy? Spontaneous moments that make me feel alive - working, creating, breathing.

What makes you sad? Knowing that one day my parents will die.

Do you believe in God? Yes.

What is it about female body that fascinates you so much? When it comes to my work, I love nudity. I'm fascinated with the concealed and forbidden. Sometimes when I take pictures of a model, I feel almost obsessed! The body is everything. You don't have to say anything and it exposes all your character traits and insecurities. It's also the place, where a new life is born and where truly magical things can happen. That's why the whole concept of shame is something I still cannot understand. What exactly are we ashamed of when it comes to our bodies? And more importantly: why?

Your favourite book? It would be a shame to pick one when there are so many! So perhaps I will go with the ones I liked at the beginning: CS Lewis's "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe", Dostoyevski's "Crime and Punishment" and "All the better to eat you with" by Eduardo GudiƱo Kieffer.

Send us a picture of your desktop.

Who are your ultimate celebrity crushes? Madonna and Terry Richardson.

What's the best thing to have for breakfast? Eggs and bacon Mexican-style!

What's your favourite youtube video at the moment?

Roisin Murphy - Overpowered

Thank you Anna!

All photos by Anna Bloda


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