Friday, 30 December 2011


End of the year is always a great moment to think about what we would like to improve. But why not reminisce about the things that made us very happy too? Here is my personal section of photos that I really enjoyed taking. I'm not sure whether it was for the atmosphere of the place, the events that happened or the people featured. Perhaps, it was all of those things combined, as that's what ultimately creates a beautiful moment.

The events were as follows: Givenchy, Valentino & Chanel haute couture shows in Paris, Jean-Paul Gaultier and his muse Farida Khelfa backstage at his show, Lou Lesage in her family apartment in Paris, Jonathan Heaf and Valentine Fillol-Cordier in London, Acne, Meadham Kirchhoff & Mary Katrantzou shows in September, Ella Purnell on the set of 'Candy' and brutalist tower blocks commissioned by B magazine. Last but not least, I'm really happy about the 'Holly & Kasia' book, which includes my photos and was art directed by the amazing Hannah Ridley from Ida Rhoda.

at Givenchy Haute Couture

at Valentino couture

the bride at Chanel

At Valentino Couture


Lou Lesage in Paris

in Lou's room

in Pont de Sevres - more on

Valentine Fillol-Cordier & Jonathan Heaf


at the Meadham Kirchhoff rehearsal


Ella Purnell

Keeling House, London

Holly and Kasia

All pictures by me


  1. I just found your blog today, I really love your work. What camera did you use for these shots? Was it a contax, they have that sort of feel to me.
    Anyway lovely shots, you should be proud of yourself :] though I'm sure you don't need an anonymous to tell you xx

  2. thank you so, so much.
    yep, i do use a contax as well as a mixture of Nikons (both film & digital!) x