Wednesday, 19 October 2011


I might be one of the few people who are not entirely sold on Ryan Gosling's character in "Drive". Throughout the movie, I just couldn't figure out who is he: a good guy that is ultimately searching for love or a cold-blooded murderer? Perhaps, he embodies both qualities, which could easily prove that, yes, humans are complex creatures and we're actually not that easy to pigeonhole. Or perhaps I need to watch the movie again.

'Less Than Zero' - 'Drive's stylistic predecessor from 1987

However, what I feel does make the film special is the soundtrack and the visual language that Nicolas Winding Refn adopts - very nostalgic and 80s-reminiscent, with the exception for a few (very contemporary!) violent scenes. This song from Electric Youth, which plays at the final credits, is a particular gem.

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