Thursday, 7 January 2010


New York-based photographer Ruvan Wijesooriya is known for his intimate take on fashion photography, but it's the action-filled, upbeat quality of his work, which truly makes it stand out in the sea of impersonal editorial snaps. He has exhibited at New York's Tribeca Grand, various galleries across Europe, and if that wasn't enough, he's just been appointed the new photo director of Ponytail mag.

Do you remember the first picture you ever took? Not really, but the first ones I really liked were of my girlfriend when I was 17. I was much more drawn to video. Ah, but wait - there were some really early pictures i took of me and some friends skateboarding when i was 9. I was crap at using the self-timer, so there were a few "is it working?" faces or off poses since we wanted to look like we were "getting air."

What inspires you? Inspirational things inspire me. Ha! No – pretty much anything I can be convinced about. I went to the MoMA today and came home wanting to work harder. There’s a lot of good art up at the moment. Of course there's the old "love, beauty, truth, knowledge, emotion" and "leaves, flowers, shit blowing in the wind and randomly lying on the floor". Parody and humor sometimes inspires me, too.

What makes you happy? Finally having my own studio space to work in. Daylight. Getting away with whatever I’m trying to get away with. In general, being understood makes me happy. I suppose also things that make me forget, and things that make me forget to forget. “New York, Ice Cream, TV, Travel, Good Times” like that song by The Human League.

What makes you sad? Shit that sucks. I guess dark, cold weather promotes sadness a bit, too. I'm already pissed off at Winter and it has just begun.

What's your perfect Sunday?I'm more of a Saturday night kind of guy. Sunday's aren't that awesome for single guys, at least for this single guy. However, I’m a big fan of 60 minutes, which shows on Sundays.

Your favourite film? Right now I’m watching old Richard Pryor stand-up shows. I saw Avatar in the theaters last week. I can’t play favorites – there’s always too much!!

What did you dream of last night? Colors, flashing lights, people making funny faces. Though, it was probably reality i remember as a dream.

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Do you prefer cats or dogs? I developed allergies to cats after having them for years. I think they are more interesting than dogs. However, dogs are more fun. I have no preference, but I’d rather hang out with a dog since I’m not as allergic.

What's the best advice you've ever been given? “Do what you want to do and have the best time you can, don’t worry too much – there will always be ups and downs.” I’m paraphrasing. But it was given to me by a woman who lost her family and her husband in the Holocaust. Someone else said “at the end of the day out of ten, we are all fives.” That's what comes to mind. I'm not sure it’s anything new in the advice department.

What's your favourite youtube video at the moment and why?

This one because this dude is totally out of his mind and it's absolutely crazy on so many levels.

Thank you Ruvan!

All pictures by Ruvan Wijesooriya